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I gave this professional, authoritative, technical and educational read in an explainer video for Rimini Watch™ from Rimini Street.

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You've got a lot on your radar from keeping complex applications and database environments running to troubleshooting performance issues and balancing business continuity with new technology and transformation, eliminate time resource and cost challenges with Rami Watch. Rami Watch is an observable suite of innovative monitoring, health check and change management solutions that provide the predictability and confidence that critical oracle and sap environments will maintain full operability. With Rami Watch. You get more database and application availability, faster time to resolution for incident management, reduced operating expenses through better root cause analysis and documented change management. With Rani Watch, you get peace of mind knowing that your applications and databases will be up and running so you can focus your budget time and resources on strategic priorities. Learn more at Rami street dot com slash watch.