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What I Saw in California by Edwin Bryant, written in 18 46 published in 18 48. Chapter 21 September 3rd We remained in camped near Sutter's Fort or Fort Sacramento a. Subsequently it has been named. This morning we were visited by numerous Indians from the neighboring rancher areas who brought with them watermelons, musk melons and strings of panfish taken from a small pond about half a mile. Distant with the sort of hand trap Thean Ian's Wade into the pond with their traps in hand and take with them the fish, sometimes by dozens, at a hall thes. They wish to trade for such small articles as we possessed and the cast off clothing of the members of our party. Some of these Indians were partially closed, others were entirely naked, and a portion of them spoke the Spanish language. They exhibited considerable sharpness in making a bargain, holding their wares at a high evaluation, and although their desire to trade appeared to be strong, they would make no sacrifices to obtain the articles offered in exchange for them. But such was the desire of our men to obtain vegetables of which they had been for so long, a time deprived that there was scarcely any article which they possessed, which they would refuse to barter for them. Thean Deion's generally are well made and a good stature, varying from five feet four inches to five feet, 10 and 11 inches in height with strong, muscular developments. Their hair is long, black and course, and their skin is a shade lighter than that of a mulatto.