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device set over. Great tapping in Now There's a secure door ahead. In the past. Code is 0991 Do you read, sir? Yes, sir. 0991 Stay vigilant. There's some heavy security on this door. You're entering the HELLI pad control room. They will no doubt be expecting you to land here. So you should be able to catch them with their pants down. Go get him. Good day. Fine. Citizens, There is some news I'd like to share with you. Our brave troops have returned this morning and have informed me that the war is now officially over. When the last of the day's light has disappeared from the horizon. You will see by then it will be too late. No, no, no. The Dark Lord gave you a second chance to stand by his side. Now I give you no choice. We shall be sealed together in death. Stanley wasn't a bad kid. He's just been in the wrong place the wrong time. It was all because of his no good, dirty, rotten pig stealing great great grandfather