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back. Welcome back. Welcome back to the six episode of Piece of No Mind. Can you imagine? It's being six Episode down, down kills a couple literally being recorded yesterday. Yeah, so if you haven't known, this is a roundhouse radio. Peace of mind. My name is Raymond. You can hear us up a roundhouse radio or tweet me at peace or no mind if you've got anything to talk about in today's issue, we're joined by Special Guest. Her name's Mary from one of the leading financial institutions were gonna be discussing several topics, but particularly we're gonna be going into. Is financial education important? And if so, whose responsibility is it to stay well informed? So this is an important topic. Anything that I feel a lot of young millennials and young adults need to be aware of before we head off today show. I just want a little bit more on my mind. So I believe you have a bit of Georgia Smith