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Real, relatable, conversational, natural, spoken word, African-American/Black

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North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) US African American


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stuff. You have stuff like I have stuff. Do we need to have more? No, no we do not. We need to do more with Groupon more spa visits, wine tastings, scavenger hunts, family holidays and romantic getaways. Eric get that out of your ear far away. Life's short grab it by the group on sisters. Be seen and be heard. The words we have to speak are those they seek to erase meek tenants that reek of lies one tries and hides denies what was is and we did rise the Smithsonian National Museum of African american history at S. I. 10.80. You walter used to sit right here for lunch every Wednesday. First time he asked. Mrs family was all she could make out barely one year and duo lingo later MS pham and walter. Just had one more chat in Vietnamese. Come to dueling. Go and change the world one word at a time. Look at Nike air max 95 S. C. S. Retro graphics and a throwback look that will turn heads while you own the court Bro. Really? You bought our hottest line of straight up baller shoes to drip while you play NBA two K. You know what we don't judge Nike air max 95 S. E throwbacks ball your way the peninsula hotels, perfection knows no moderation now at peninsula dot com. I mean growing herbs and veggies in your living room isn't going to save the entire planet but it could do some good for your little corner of it. I vision, hydroponic growing system