The greedy bear

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The story is taken from a kids storybook

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Once upon a time, a poor Woodman and his wife lift in a tiny hut close to the orchard of a rich man so close that the house of a pear tree hung right over the cottage. Here, it has agreed between the rich man and the couples that if any of the fruit fell into the yard, the couple were to be allowed to eat it. Me matches with what hungry eyes. They watched the pair's ripening and pray for a storm of event, or a flock of flying foxes or anything which could cost the pro too far apart from pairs. The couple did not have a choice of foods to eat, but they did have, you know, lentils, key and some spices. The wife was particularly good at making the stash. Call tha he what an appetising small. It had to be sure the Woodman cobbled it up as soon as it was ready. But one day this wife said no, you fetched some try put Africa of. He went into the forest and began to hack and saw away at the wood, and with each cut, he seemed to smell a savoury doll, just them pair came swinging by with. It's quite black nose titled in the Air, and it's little keen eyes peering about four pairs, though good enough, fellows on the whole, are just dreadfully inquisitive. Peace puberty, friend said. The pair. And what may you be doing that handle of word? It's for my wife returns the word man. The factors, he added, confidentially smacking his lips. She has made such wonderful dal for dinner, and if I bring in a good bundle of heard, she is pretty sure to care me a plant. Awful portions. Oh, my dear fellow, you should just melt at all at this. The bear's mouth began to water for like all bears, he was a dreadful blood in. Do you think the wife? But give me some, too. If I bought her a bundle of hurt? He asked anxiously. Perhaps if it was a very big load answered, the Woodman craftily could booed for hundredweight. Be enough after bear, I am afraid not, return, the word man shaking his head. You see, Dal is an expensive dish to make unique plenty of key lot's of yellow lanterns and board worth 800 to say half a tonne and it's a bargain, said the good man. Half a tonne is large quantity. Cite the There is saffron in the Dalles, remarked the Woodman partially, which wasn't true because Satel is terribly expensive. The barrel licked, it slips and his little eyes trinkl with greed and a light park. It's go home smart ish and tell your wife to keep the Dal hot, be with you in a price away. When the Woodman, in greatly to tell his wife how the pair had agreed to bring half a tonne of foot and return the share with the Tal Now his wife said that there was surely P query like all bears and eat your supper if you marin careful at this, the Woodman became quite tail, and that case is said, we had better begin now and have a fair start. So with more adult, this sat down on the floor with a passport full of call between them and began to eat as fast as the court. Remember to leave some for the bear, said the wife to the husband, speaking with her mouth crammed full. Certainly certainly, he replied, helping herself to another handfuls might year cry the husband a little later, with this mouth so full that he could hardly speak. Remember the poor bear? Certainly Certainly, my love returned the wife taking other mouthful. So it went on. Till there there was not a single grain left in the port. What's to be done now? Said the Woodman. It's all the fault for eating so much. My fault resorted his wife scornfully. Way to Isis. Much a sighted know either, he asserted. Men always ate more than women. No, we don't. Oh, yes, well, it's the use quarrelling about it now. So the woman the doll's gone and bear with the Furious wouldn't matter much if he could get the wood, said his wife, I'll tell you what he must. You. We must lock up everything there is to eat in the house leader doll port by the fire and hide in the Arctic when the bear comes even think we have gone out and left a stoner for him, Then even throw down as Mandel and come in. Of course, we will rampage a little where we find the porters, MT that but he can't do much mischief. I don't think he will take the trouble for carrying the away