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the connected car. What is that exactly? Aiming to lead this new category. A. T and T needed an answer, but they knew a connected car could be many things. We started by defining a proposition that expressed the vision for their brand. These labels are not our truth, because the truth. ISS We've got all the potential of a first round draft pick. We just need to put it together on the field. We've got all the things we need to be great. No Chicago story is complete without a trip or 22 Navy appeared. Every family has their Ferris. We'll run every couple, their stolen kisses, spire words like the night sky. Since the dawn of mankind, Man has used his unique gifts of ingenuity and innovation to improve the three building blocks of life itself. Food, clothing and shelter. Ah, company does not rise to greatness because it claims to have certain values. Ah, company rises to greatness because of its people, great people who live and breathe its values every day. We are on a journey to reveal the essence of reality in a virtual world to discover human integration with technology that is so seamless. All it takes is a glass to enable your digital environment to react at the speed of thought