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on any given race day on Formula One race circuits around the world, well prepared teams quietly assume their places. Amid the flashy cars and reporters clamoring for interviews with drivers, the competitive sport of Formula One racing turns the business of winning into a science. Every being is a journey homeward bound from the vine in the field to the plate, in the kitchen. Along the way, dirt son sticks in the stones and through the gametes of nature on Lee, the best beans make it home. Now that you own a Lexus hybrid, are you wondering what you need to do differently? It's simple. Absolutely nothing. Driving and maintaining a hybrid is similar to that of a conventional vehicle. Sure, it has advanced technology, ADM. Or electric power than your laptop. However, it doesn't require being plugged in or rebooted design, development materials, production parts, fabrication, delivery, logistics and finance. Hyundai transforms fused iron into automobiles that people love to. Dr. Louis Chevrolet knew how a car should work. He knew how a car should look. And luckily for the generations of fans who had devotedly follow his brand at the track over the next 100 years, Louis Chevrolet never gave up on his belief that cars should go fast very fast. Whatever your fleets mission, whatever inside, AT and T can help you implement a management system that earns its keep from Day one Fleet Management Solutions from AT and T Smart technology for smarter fleets.