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the Coast Mountain Range, British Columbia, Canada, home to North America's number one rated resort destination, two side by side mountains with the greatest vertical rise, the most terrain and the best variety of ski and snowboard experiences anywhere in North America. This is Whistler and Black Home, where the silence and stillness of tree runs meet the shrieks of kids. Laughter from their tree forts and castles, unmatched views, vast open bowls, deep snow Glade ID finales and surrounded on three sides by Gereb Ali Provincial Park. This is as close as you can get to the great beyond. Now we've told you a lot about Whistler Black Home. But we want you to remember nothing we've said here is even close to the real thing. What are you going to do to get yourself here? On a small island near the equator? There lives a creature called a doodle saurus. He was yellow round, and his name was Herbert. Herbert turned off his radio and listened very carefully. The crying seemed to be coming from the edge of the jungle. Herbert was scared, but he mustered up all the courage he could and tiptoed into the tall grass to take a look. Mullah, this store a story is called Dance to the Rescue. Are you ready? Let's begin One day Swiper, the fox found a magic bottle Inside the magic bottle was a dancing elf who was determined to get out. He knew that whoever opened the bottle would be magically pulled inside to take his place. So Swiper opened the bottle. Poof! The dancing elf was free but now slipper was trapped inside.