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Production Type: Corporate Video, E-Learning, TV Documentary Series
Voice Style: Authentic, Authoritative, Charismatic, Educational, Endearing, Husky, Inspirational

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Western)


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On a mild summer afternoon in 1936, a three year old thoroughbred named Seabiscuit was saddled up for a cheap stakes race at Boston Suffolk Downs Purse was a paltry $700. The colt was a direct descendant of the legendary man of war. The images captivated the world on July 20, 1969, 12 years after the Russians had shamed America with Sputnik and just eight after President Kennedy had challenged the nation to go to the moon, there was astronaut Neil armstrong stepping onto the lunar surface in a nascar garage, dozens of crew members swarm over every car. We're gonna be able to take that home and start to dissect that make some sound decisions on what we want to do entire construction, fighting to find a tiny fraction of performance that might make the difference. What are the next steps apply those to the design features of the car that we have in the tube, laptops are as common as lug nuts. It is the era of the engineers in the heart of new york. One of the city's most valuable pieces of real estate has stood empty for years. There are plans to build a new, but the cranes stand idle as if wary of the ghost that will haunt this place forever. You know, 1 75 New York. We have some problems over here. Right now. We might have a hijack over here, More than 2700 people perished on September 11, 2001 destruction of new york's largest building. Once a towering icon of american Economic might, the world Trade Center will now and forever symbolize that terrible day. The students of the University of florida were full of hope and excitement. At the start of the new College year, residents of Gainesville were blissfully unaware that a killer was on the loose Danny Rolling, a 36 year old drifter had brutally killed and mutilated three female students in less than 48 hours. The parents of Rollings first victims, Christina and Sonia, were becoming very concerned, unable to reach their daughters.