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Get to know Lightning Draw! Sure, it doesn't exist — but maybe after listening to this demo, you'll wish it did.

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you don't have to be a creative professional to use lightning draw, but you'll feel like one. Let's get you started with your first project or composition Under the composition menu, choose new. You'll see a dialog box pop open. This is where you can choose all kinds of settings like size and color depth. But for now just click OK to open a blank new canvas and there it is. The first thing you'll do with your new composition is to load a photo reference. This is where you begin to see the power of lightning draw. How it doesn't just make drawing easier, but turns you into a better artist. Every time you use it, look at the toolbar across the top of the window and click on the photo icon. This opens a photo browser. You can navigate to any photos you have on your computer or in the cloud, but for now just click the file called gorilla dot jpeg.