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This is a sample I did for an agency in Vienna.

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Okay, so now I just like to give you a couple of seconds of my regular voice. Yeah, I have some experience with corporate videos, a little bit advertising, and, uh, I'm also a singer and musician. I could do 30 seconds of music behind the track that you want me to do. I could also do, um, comic voice is a little over the top. Like, um hello. And thank you for calling. Please leave your message after the tone and someone will get back to you or press one for more options. Something like that. So, uh, television announcement for a T V show a little more dramatic tonight on Grey's Anatomy. Well, MEREDITH and Derek get divorced. Well, Dr Yang, come back to Seattle. Well, Derek's sister contract A horrible disease. Find out eight o'clock tonight on Grey's Anatomy. Okay, Now, here's an example of instructional video maintenance. After the deck has been used for a long period of time, the heads, pinch, roller and capstan will become dirty, leading to noise and uneven rotation, so that recording is no longer possible. We therefore recommend that cleaning and de magnetization be carried out on a regular basis. to carry out cleaning, remove the cassette holder, cover and wipe the insides with a cotton swab impregnated with alcohol or head cleaning solution. It should be remembered that keeping the heads clean is of great importance and obtaining good recording. Okay, I'm going to give an example of a news item. Hong Kong ferry captain is jailed for deadly collision Hong KONG The captain of a Hong Kong passenger ferry has been sentenced to eight years in jail for his role in a fatal collision that left 39 people dead in 2012, the city's worst maritime disaster in four decades. Lai Sai ming was sentenced at the city's high Court on Monday. A jury on Saturday had found him guilty of 39 counts of manslaughter and endangering the lives of others at sea. Chao Chih why the captain of the other vestibule, which was owned by the Hong Kong Electric Company and had been carrying company employees and their families to watch a schedule fireworks display, was sentenced to nine months in jail. He was found guilty of endangering lives but not manslaughter. Stop! Okay. Lastly, I I've sometimes been asked to do you know voices like a proper British accent. Or are you making? Yeah, man. No problem, man or something like that. So, uh, yes, I'd be really interested to hear if you have any voiceover work available. Thank you.