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we begin the journey of this horizon Europe course by explaining what is the best way to approach the development process of these collaborative projects. We know from experience that in order to make these project proposals highly competitive, we must approach them correctly right from the start. In this conceptual chapter, we will discuss the right approach and what are the typical mistakes that one must avoid in the process? Any near misses are a chance to learn how we can improve safeguards. Sometimes flaws in the defence is a line and a hazard can bypass all measures. The system has failed and this is a safeguarding ins at B the business. Our mission is to help make business improvement simpler, faster and more accessible. We do that by combining content that captures the collective wisdom of businesses from all corners of Britain, including some of the country's most well known organisations, with in person programmes that bring leaders together to share and solve problems. Collectively, you may know that Thomson Reuters Practical Law is the best source of trusted, readily available standard documents, practise notes, checklists, legal updates, how to guides and more. But do you know why more than 140,000 lawyers worldwide. Use practical law. Know how Here are the top 10 reasons why.