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Let's see what we got here. Looks like a double reinforced obsidian wall with lasers on the other side. Are those crocodiles? Nice touch. This should be easy. I, I don't understand. I did everything right. I made good on my promises. Things were supposed to start getting better. So why, why take the kids and leave? Uh What is it about a trained killer? Getting a drink at the bar? Makes every tough guy wanna fight me. I just wanna drink my drink. Damn it. Of course he didn't show, I mean, why would he, I'm sure he'll have the perfect excuse again. Why do I even bother including him in my life way, dude. I've been men maxing out for 1600 crack damage with 0.5 spelled critical differential. This arboreal set is gonna flip the entire meta upside down. You did very well, Myron, but you're still hesitating. Come on, it's time we test your resolve. Who, what's more dangerous a man with nothing to lose or everything to lose? Just look at you so desperate. Um