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with their wide bodies. Massive antlers Bull moose don't appear to be fast, but they are on. Adult bull moves can reach speeds of up to 35 MPH, allowing them to track down prey and escape predators. They're also excellent swimmers able to cross large bodies of water like rivers and lakes. For years, Phil Mickelson was considered a choke. A great golfer, sure, but not someone who could deliver on Sunday when everything was on the line. With five major championships later, Mickelson has taken his place as one of the greatest ever play the game for Lefty. It all started at the 2004 Masters. Mount Rushmore is one of the greatest historical monuments in the US but stunning tribute to the leaders who shaped our nation. But it started as a tourist trap. In 1923 the state government of South Dakota was looking for ways to drop visitors to their state. So historian Doane Robinson came up with an idea. A massive stone monument carved into the black hills. Thank you for calling Navy Federal Credit Union, serving over eight million military members and their families. If you're calling about short checking or savings account. Press one. If you're calling about a loan or credit card, press two. If you're not a current member and would like to speak to an agent, press three for all other calls, please stay on the line and will connect you with the first available agent.