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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


German North American (Canadian-General) North American (General)


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believe it or not, Mo was not always the leader of the Three Stooges. I love cheese. Yeah, it's Gouda, a monkey that can fit on the tip of your finger. Ah, waterfall twice the height of the Empire State Building. This is the rainforest. Hey, Bob's, shouted Mr Krupp as he stormed down the hall. What do you kids think you're doing? Who are going a miserable retirement party? Said George. That's what you think. Smart guy, said Mr Crump. Moderate exercise boosts your immune system, while extreme exercise such as marathon running depresses the immune system. May Day, May Day We are sinking. We are sinking. This is the German Coast Guard. What are you sinking about? If you've never seen a live giant squid, don't despair. Neither has anybody else. Crayola color Wonder markers color only on special paper, so your kids can express their creativity more often in more places with less mess