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Commercial for dental practice with Tom Bodett style delivery. My voice is often described as a rich, deep, big, resonant and distinctive bass voice.

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North American (General) North American (US South)


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Hey, maybe it ain't the new Year, but it's like they say in all those inspirational commercials that want you to join a gym. It's never too late for a fresh start, Easier said than done. That's why we are asking you to do anything. We're Resolution Dental when we're making a resolution to you. The resolution to never luxury about flus and a resolution to be convenient by treating the whole family in one place and being open on Saturdays. Yeah, even Saturdays when you actually have time to do something for yourself. We're making a resolution to be affordable by accepting the kinds of insurance families actually carry. And we're making a resolution to get you fixed up quick so you can do important stuff like nature. Facebook were Resolution Dental. Then we're in your neighborhood, So bring the family bison that you could even bar a cup of sugar. We won't get mad at you. We'll even give you a toothbrush resolution, dental, giddy up and call us your teething, going to brace themselves