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Roy been Alice. In this second exercise, we demonstrate how to set up a data deck, including both fluid flow and thermal effects. We will use the data deck created an exercise one osteo con tro displaces involved abnormal bone or cartilage growth leading to skeletal male development, often short limbed dwarfism. Diagnosis is my physical examination X rays and in some cases, genetic testing. Treatment is surgical. The basic genetic defects have been identified in most of the osteo contra displaces. The mutations typically caused perturbation of function and proteins involved in growth and development of connective tissue, bone or cartilage Module. 12. Admitting an OSHA compliance officer if an OSHA compliance inspector requests to conduct an inspection, the senior manager is to ask to see the officers credentials. An OSHA inspector carries either US or the state's Department of Labor credentials bearing their photograph and a serial number in every case verifying the authenticity of the compliance inspectors identification by calling the nearest OSHA office