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The first three field research tools we will talk about are the compass, the chronometer and the altimeter. Today, I'm out in the field studying the rocks in these mountains. I want to make a map of the rocks in the area in order to have a quick reference of what types of geological materials are out here. Scientific notation, a method expressing large or small numbers as a decimal between zero and 10 times the power of 10. In scientific notation, 1,300,000 is 1.3 times 10 to the six power. The florida. Everglades are one of America's largest wilderness areas. They are an area of wetlands located in the southern tip of florida, forming the possessive of a noun. Let's say the girl owned a bike since girl is singular, you simply add an apostrophe S to indicate a possessive co tangent ratio ratio based on a right triangle. That says that the tangent of an angle is equal to the adjacent side, from the angle over the opposite side from the angle