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Commercial and Internet Video

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Voice Over • Video Narration


A sample of VO work for internet video and for commercials

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English (North American)


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this fall jane. Iredale will surely get a lot of attention in your retail environment. The business world is in the middle of a digital transformation and companies that are slow to adapt. Get left behind. What's needed is a solution that can increase business speed, lower costs and simplify I. T. We are the entertainment lovers, the ones who laugh at the punchlines, cry at the sad stuff and pump fists at every touchdown. That's the best part, exports on demand is fully automated. So all of your critical trade compliance processes are being handled all the time. Triana is reinventing how insurance works for you. When the unexpected happens, we believe that you should be able to get the treatment you need without worrying about what it will cost you. What if you could increase your per copy by hundreds of dollars? What if you could add an F. And the menu option that wouldn't cannibalize other offerings. What if you could help customers keep their vehicles safe, grow F any profits and improve lot management and service absorption at the same time? Well now you can learn more about donor advised funds and charitable giving on our website and p trust dot org. Did you know that 95% of companies have no idea what their end to end IT and test environments look like meets Christie Christie leads a team of talented hard working creatives with one major challenge how to keep up with increasing workloads and shrinking timelines. Okay now we have to talk about the elephant in the room. No not that elephant. How did he even get in here? I'm talking about addressing customer objections. Even after you've bridged the customers needs, they might still have objections about staying with direct tv. Now.