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Hi, this demo is from my new YouTube channel in which I give voice to the best fan theories I can find of. So, in this demo you can see how I'll talk and consider things to tell.

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Okay, let's see the plus one. It's about a dessert in the leaky cauldron. So let's start. Look, I marriage. If off this most awesome deserted the leaky cauldron, dude is reading a brief history off time By Stephen Hawking. I never realized Are you serious? I always assumed wizards just ignored science because the fact that matched exist can explain anything. But there are Muggle born desserts once who wanted 11 lived in the real world and learn science and things. The door just abandoned that normal modern knowledge, like Harry did. It's always been that itching in the back off my mind. Four. For you, a science wizard you go. Science visit can be pointed that has doing one less magic toe like Walmart. Couldn't even do that more Levi's. Lee couldn't do that. Who are you pretty sure this whole scene has been about the wrong wizard guys? Okay, so the next one, it's about Remus. Harry Lee, he say's the very first time I saw you hurry. I recognized you immediately. Not by your scar, but your eyes. They're your mother, Lily's. I also think the same guys because I have seen in Harry Border all everyone who might. Harry always thinks that he's like James Porter, because off disappearance. But only the most recognizes him that he is also Lily. So the next one I often think about James Lilley in the After Life watching even Sonett unfold like that time in prison. Off. Ask a ban where Harry and Co. Ended up in the same compartment as Remus James. Oh, my guardians that three months and my little boy in the same compartment wake the **** up three months and talk to my child leaving like Can you Maybe a chill? Guys, I think this is actually deems he would always be so dramatically will always be so chill, so the next mean What she says, I'm fine. What she means in the president off ask Urban the most. Lupin tells the students that know which or wizard has never seen a bob its true form. But in order of Phoenix, Mrs Veasley as moody to check if the cabinet upstairs containable good reason, being that he has a magical I that concede through the walls. That means that the Bogert couldn't see him so it couldn't transform into his first field, which means that mad eye. Moody is the only visitor that we know and all off time that knows water would actually looks like, but it's never mentioned by anyone ever again. Guys, whoever is creating these names, how doing it these ideas. I myself a star, Harry portable 1000 times, But I never noticed this little leader. You're great, really makes me. It's called Professor Lupin had Kanaan, so it starts. I was thinking about students going toe demons asking for chocolate, and it turned into this. Fred and George and Lee Jordan's need for mischief mixed with the sugar addictions. The sneak into Lubitz office it dinner time just after the full moon. But they don't know, but they don't have the map anymore, so they just assume, has not bad. Lee finds the chocolate stash first and say, Is holy **** that stunts language. Mr Jordan, he goes, Sorry, professor or ****, but he just gives them a lot of talk. Let and let's them go with the warning about breaking and entering, she could addiction fulfill undirected mischief? Not so much. It's slowly spreads across the period, having portion off the school that we must give south chocolate to Dementor victims. Suddenly there's an influx off students with cramps claiming to have been attacked by the mentors and hawks. Man the grounds. The common room It doesn't long before Remus figures it out and remembers release complaints about how the pain portion is fine, but it does nothing for my cravings. Three Must do. You have chocolate, preferably caramel flavor, so he leaves the ball just our thirties office door and charms it so it never runs out, snapped Elsom, his going soft under Lima, sketches in with his hands in the boat. When he leaves all the sneak, all the students who he's helped group together and protest on the Leeds head off the house has a chocolate bar allowed, say that office. The group is known as Professor Lupin Protection. Well, guys is so sweet, so I like the part of all the sleep. More so the next one. I think it's a picture off BC's family or shook. I just see Charlie Weasley is not obviously his three Children. Guys always didn't realize. It's as though we miss new Okay, so the next mean it's about drawn and had money. It starts. When did you get there. When did she get here? Did you see her comment? How did you get that? I was talking Do there. And now you are there. Ron's confusion over him, Winey and the time tunnel that runs the one who always more pieces runs the only one who gets more than enough to notice concerned boyfriend. Since 1993 he's the only one who is constantly aware off a presence. Guys, this so cute. It's about drawn and had money. So the next one, it's the in list things that should have been in the movies Prisoner or Fast Urban Part 1 20 Then you should have known broader that Sybil Trelawney has predicted the date off one student a year since she arrived at the school. None of them has sided. Seeing that moment is a favorite way off reading a new class. Wait, wait, wait, wait. So there was a deal bouncing around that Giuliani was actually scary, right? What if every student she predicted right in the back of hardwoods, that's just what I was. So the next one? It's about serious black. So in prisoner off, ask open CDs. Just don't into his Anne Magas form on leaves. Ask open. I don't think it's everyone on sabbatical E, but I'm a human. You would have to have your warned for transform unless you're an extremely good visit. Also, we never hear him get a new one from somewhere. So I'm assuming you had this one in prison. So as Cabannes, a person full of witches and wizards that once and you're telling me serious is the 1st 1 to really break out. But actually there is a theory about this. It says that serious is only seen because he knows that it's not wrong. And he didn't betray the dames. Lily Electrics Lestrange, who went insane in the prison, the next one at the end off President off. Ask Ben Serious sees to him yawn. You really are the brightest which off your age with an emphasis on the arm implying that someone previously had told them that him when he was super ******* smart and he was just enough framing it. But like who told him that he didn't really get a chance to talk to her. Your Honor, Rube Lupin between I didn't kill your parents and all should wear wolf and I'm about to go get the DeMint discuss. So I like to think that it was Crookshanks who told him first. Crookshanks and bad foot with friends, right? I can imagine Crookshanks just going on and going on about him. Oniy, like my human is the best human. She's so smart and lovely and perfect. Just wait till you meet her. I love her so much. The next one. So we all know that Borders had a guard, right? All we have descriptions off the scat is that it was enough off reporter to make the list when they went into hiding. And to Harry, he scared it with this new room he got from serious. That is for the no mention off said, Get on the other hand, don't be no another really old, beaten down, ugly scare, sad side get again that befriended cities black and seemed to know better. But grew smell hold a grudge against him, even partners. Also, it was remarkable ability for finding things that are shiny and that it has connection to, like, say, a family member, a cat that knows its way around her words around the whomping willow. Almost like it had been there before with another owner, a cat that absolutely refused to let her money leave that show without them off the seeing. A certain that was crazed almost. We have no mention off the scared own easels age, except that it had been in the shop for a vile and no one had wanted it. Magical created sleep for a long time. Gods live a long time. It's within reason that this skirt could be 30 even 40 years old. It makes too much sense. The border sky descriptions. This is by far one off my most favorite Harry Potter head cannons, and no one can convince me that this isn't real and you can't convince me this is until guys is the one off the best me. That night in the shaking shark, Harry tournaments himself in front off Tactic route to keep Ramos and Syria's from killing him. I don't reckon my dad would have wanted his best friends to become killers. These were the words, he said, serious and dreamers back down, but northward reasons how he thought. In truth, James probably would have understood if they killed Peter. If it was another way around this even a chance you'd have done the same team sport. There was no reason serious and dreams back down in that moment, in those words the Tumen. Solidly, the flash of green eyes, the prevailing sense of justice, the absolute and ruthless kindness, the fewest insistence that revenge was not viable. Answer the record. Lee Porta Wouldn't I wanted them to become Kill us so they didn't So the next one. Nordion Ettus, we dialect scientifically underdeveloped societies. Prisoner off Ask a Man continues to be the most frustrating book someone should have just adopted serious and started calling him Girl Guys is the funniest one. So the next one, it's about him. Ohanian drone it say's everyone talks about Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire being the worst book to movie dialogue? Fail. But let's feel the worst is where hemo in you want to say question in class and snap calls it an insufferable know it all. And in the book rawness, furious and he goes often sees you asked the question, and she knows the answer. I ask if you don't want to be told, but in the movies they just make him say He's got a point, you know? And I'm still mad about it. Me too yummy, too. The next one it's about Ah, harmonious parents gets the drone. Antimony would get together someday when they got perforce later home from her words complaining about the redheaded boy who beast her. Whoa! This is the last mean for this guy's it say's I cannot mistreat if you choose to stay with your aunt and uncle. But if you ever wanted a different home what? I can come and live with you I was always welcome at the Borders City is black. I was worried this this one but they never got to fulfill their wishes. That's it for today, guys. Thank you so much for watching If you want anything more than this place common below, please like and subscribe. Thank you. And tomorrow there will be another one Which explains about the goblet. 05 Thank you so much. Hey, guys will come back to my channels today. We're going to talk about Harry Porter in prison. Off asked Ban as they previously told you, we have a series off seven movies coming up, so there's 1/3 1 and today it's all about the excellent had cannons means and find them so they confound. Find about this. So without any further ado, let's begin. Also, please know that all the pictures I've shown in this video or not mine that read from Tumble Open dressed already. And also there'll be some curse words in this video. So if you are offended by them or don't want to listen to them, please don't view this. Let's begin.