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Audiobook - Urban Fantasy - 1st Person - 3 Characters

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A sample from Stray Dogs by Freya Faust

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Read gave a rueful chuckle. I got lucky. Prison only managed to keep me down for a year before I flew the coop. But I have no intention of rolling those dice again. If you boys are really going up against that sumbitch, I will wish you the best of luck. But I'll do it from the safety of my own home. What about revenge? I offered hastily, instinctively feeling that after that kind of speech, Read was ready to say his goodbyes. What about sticking it to the man who stole a year of your life? This is the man who personally made you a wanted fugitive. The Mender snorted from the other side of the line. I made myself a wanted fugitive. Read, said Roger. Just happened to be the *******. Good enough to bring me down. Read paused and gave a heavy sigh. I don't have the fire in me for revenge, boys, he said, in that aching tone that I hated. I'll leave that messy business to the young guns and sit my sweet tea from the sidelines! I outright snarled the next words. What kind of defeatist ******** is, But I was cut off by an audible click and a flat, steady tone that felt like an £800 gorilla sitting on my chest. ******* it! I mustered up every drop of self control to not spike the phone to the floor. ************ actually hung up on me. Eloquent. Does, murmured He was working on his 3rd mag, gently thumbing the rounds into place. But it isn't too surprising when you think about it. I gradually gestured for days to continue. We already owe read a considerable amount of space because opioids, Dez said so our credit with him is terrible add to that. If we end up dead, he doesn't want to get wrapped up in the conflict by association, frankly, I can't blame it. This is the Melander situation all over again. Same ****. Different old person who doesn't want to get dragged into a fight. They didn't start. We might get our stink on him. I guess. I really didn't expect that he would leave us on our own for this one. I said, not after Jasper, I crossed my arms and sulked. We had so often leaned on red and his exceptional skill in mending. After we got banged up in a fight, Read had rolled up his flannel sleeves and dutifully patched us back together after we had been shot thrown through windows and attacked by interdimensional beasts. Better than all the kings horses and all the king's men. That one to be let down to be abandoned by someone you trusted and liked and respected was not unlike a steel toed kick to the guts. I sat there phone in hand, trying my very best not to break down in petulant tears at the implication that Red thought we were either not worth saving or that we were beyond his help. Doesn't I were for the first time since starting our careers in this messy, terrible business alone.