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This demo showcases a warm and approachable sell from minute rice to make-up.
Products include:
Minute Rice
Hydro One
Canesten Oral
Sun Life Financial

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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When you take a minute, there's more time for sharing on. When you take a minute. Life suddenly seems a little less hectic. Minute rice ready to serve cups. Take a minute. For more than 100 years, we've all benefited from electricity that is safe, reliable and publicly owned. Now the government wants to sell it off, and we have no say. Privatizing Hydro One will lead to higher costs and less dependable service when we need it. It's a bad deal. We need to keep hydro public or we'll all pay the price. Are they here yet? Or the pod games here yet they just arrived. Can I play yet? The games are this way. Mommy's er games air right here. So, yeah, we've been getting that a lot lately. When you have a yeast infection, you're not yourself. That's why there's Knesset oral combi back. The cream quickly soothes the external ich and the pill treats the infection so you can be you again. What really matters with slim elegance? Lipstick. 12 Smooth, sensuous colors that make lips sizzle. Slim elegance. Every morning the sun rise marks the beginning of a new day, and with each new dawn we seized the opportunity to do something great when we set out to redesign the new digital home of sunlight financial. This desire served as our inspiration. The new Sun life dot C A. Has been designed to be more advanced, get simpler to use. In short, we designed it to be great for Canadians. Let us show you.