Conversational Demo (role-play, character dialogue)


Vocal Characteristics




British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) Trans-Atlantic


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long ago, every Gauntanamo Lara lived in the shadow of the Great Mountain Rock anew, which they worshipped as a god. So Patrick will said, Perhaps sensing my discomfort, Louisa tells me you're a personal trainer. What does that involve? I so wished he hadn't asked. It was great. You know. My family went to the beach. The night was so small. You're in Thought it was a snail at first, just a glimmer beneath the water. Then it rose up like a star falling backwards. What would you do if I was there with you right now? Would you kiss me, baby? Be honest nuts. You want supposed to look at the sun's? Everyone knows that you'll burn your eyes out. You're in squeezed her eyes open and closed, trying to adjust to the dim light. No, there's a way to avoid this. We just need a special ribbon and a magical book. No, I'm here because of all of you who can't pick your nose without a gem to help you