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Ah, trade shows the place of handshakes, happy hours and no dirt's. But what really drives revenue at these events is, of course, meetings one on one person to person. But which person? What? Meeting with who Where. Introducing Summit. Sink the smartest platform to help your team shake more of the right hands so you can exceed your meeting goals and drive more sales. How First Summit Sync lets you know the right hands to shake with our predicted attendee lists. Now you'll know exactly which prospects leads and customers are attending every major event in trade Show. Second, say goodbye to messy multiple spreadsheets. Summit Sinks Meeting Management platform gives your team the ability to efficiently schedule meetings with our smart meeting links. This gives management a clear overview and a laser like insight into how the team spending their time away from the office track individual accountability to know who's dancing the night away and who's driving revenue. Third, track your revenue and meetings from pre show to sign contract with our seamless and easy CRM integration summits. Sink enables your sales and marketing teams to shake more hands, close more deals and increase your Arli at every trade show. It's time to meet your meeting goals with some it sink