A Voice Over for a corporate video for Kansai Nerolac Paints India

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nearing 100 for the walk trails unlimited inspiration, introducing narrow lack color trays, a journey where color and design inspiration finds a home. Here is how it books on influencer, along with a group of participants, go on a photo walk across various locations, capturing images under the pre decided team and uploading them on their social media handles, resulting in some breathtaking color palettes. Shortlisted images from these color drills lend themselves into a one off a kind ball designs by narrow like experts where each ball has a unique jump derived from local inspiration. Most off these designs do not require any intricate tools or enhance painting skills. Color trails kits on online videos makes it easy for painters to render these designs in about one or two days. Homeowners can now pick exciting new worlds from an ever growing range of designs across teams covering cities, occasions, motives on land months, thus celebrating even the slightest occasions with a dash of color with black color trees, ball design. Join the conversation with narrow like color trails and give your most treasured memories a deserving ball design.