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the lion goes to war. Once upon a time, a lion decided to go to war. He someone his ministers and commanded all the animals in the forest to come before him. The lion subject all presented themselves, and the lion issued the orders. Elephants, you are the largest. You'll carry the guns and all the supplies. You folks are very sly. You will help me drop the plants off. Battle you monkey number and good at climbing trees will act as lookouts. Bare your strong and agile. You would have the fortress one and scared the enemy. Amongst those present were also a rabbit on a donkey. When the king's minister saw them, they shook their head. And then one of them said, Sire, I don't think that Donkey will make a good soldier. He's easily frightened. The lion looked at the donkey and remarked, He brings louder than I can roar. He'll be the trumpet that will rally the troops. The ministers then pointed to the rabbit. He's even more nervous than the donkey. The line went to the rabbit and said, You have learned to be the fastest than others to survive, so you will act as messenger. Then, turning to the crowd, he said, Everyone can make himself useful in the time off. Neat. Everyone can help the common cause as best as he's able.