The Bear

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In this dramatic female monologue, the character tries to come to terms with the problems she has about caring too much, too often.

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


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I I want to care less about carrying so much. I think that's my biggest well, one of my problems anyway. There have been times in my life when I have been lucky toe let go, completely end. I'm flying. But lying in such a way where it feels I saw something greater than me scaring afloat, a connection to something higher, whiter. This is some corny. Well, it's it's different. I want that all the time, more rooted, naturally within my inner self. If that makes any sense, with all the fuss and mental stuff that cause me up, getting in the way, the battles are exhausting. Sometime I get the bearer and other times the bear gets me.