My first voice acting demo

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The first part of the Audio was a piece of a fiction book, the second part was a fairy who lost her wand, and the last was a girl confronting her boyfriend.

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Teen (13-17)


British (General) North American (General)


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I wonder Luethi that was her pet name for her nurse. What pigeon's eggs taste like, she said as she was eating her egg. Not why a common one, for they always pick out the pinky once for her. We'll get you a pigeon's egg and you shall judge for yourself, said the nurse. Oh no, no returned, I read suddenly reflecting. They might disturb the old lady and getting it in that even if they did not, she would have one less in consequence. What a strange creature you are, said the nurse. First toe. Want to think and then to refuse it? But she did not say across me. And the princess never minded any remarks that were not unfriendly. Well, you see ability. There are reasons. She returned and said no more, for she did not want to bring up the subject of their former strife. Les Turner should offer to go before she had had your grandmother's permission to bring her. Of course, she could refuse to take her, but then she would believe her less than ever. They will laugh at me when they hear that I lost my 10 I have to find it. The wondrous ones can't be that bad. Okay, maybe something here to help. Oh, thank goodness I told you. Forgot about my potions. Do the trick Now. After the woods, I go, you asked Difference. Whatever. We're all hanging out. You put this macho man type act, you know, Act like this one here in front of your friends. I don't like it. Why do you do that? You dio you dio you are so sweet and kind to me when we are alone together. But as soon as we're chilling out with your boys, you treatment different. Tease me like walking. Just be you from now on because you make me feel like what we have together is alive. When you treat me like that, you don't even care about me in front of your friends, okay?