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This is my voice voicing many different advertisements for an audition

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introducing a whole new kind of soft drink with real fruit juice, 10% of your daily calcium and only 10 calories in every eight ounce serving. It tastes so good you can feel it in your bones for delicious taste with calcium, the only way to go is north. Women make up 70% of the labor force in Uganda, yet really get the chance to bring their own products to the market. 23 Women is a real story of real women who saw the need to join together, work hard and deliver the best coffee their country could offer. Rated the number one coffee in Uganda are the A F C. A taste of harvest competition. These women produce some of the best coffee in the world. I'm just a regular girl who wants the same thing everyone else wants. Food, family, shelter, friends and plenty of ice cold Budweiser just not necessarily in that order. So it's two o'clock in the morning and you're starving. Nothing to eat in the fridge and nothing in the cupboards. You don't even have dog biscuits hanging around. You think about cooking, but then you remember the three alarm fire you started last time you tried using the stove. Well, check out 7 11. There's got to be one right near you. They have everything from burgers to tacos. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 7 11. Think of it as your own personal walking kitchen. Hang on. Now I'm drinking a light bear that I can actually taste. The bartender just called me Mom. My shoes aren't sticking to the floor. Nobody's yelling over anybody else. And for whatever reason, I'm positive. I'm taking this hot guy home with me tonight, right? Because he's my husband. Whoa! When did I grow up at Briars were churning out an amazing new ice cream, one with double the whoa double the wo new double turn from buyers. The richest, creamiest tasting Breyers ice cream ever amazing. New double turned only from buyers. The new taste of ice cream I serve catches pepper sauce to the trail hands every day because they like their child spicy. Believe me, that sauce keeps those cowboys boisterous and motivated. Oh, I just stir up captains pepper sauce from ingredients I find in the desert. Then I let it cure out in the chuck wagon. It's a secret recipe locked away in my mind. What do you feed the head of the household? Only the best. Caesar's select dinners for someone special.