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In this demo you can hear my commercial examples from energetic to serene.

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Did you know that most deodorant are made with aluminum? Yeah, aluminum dove 0% aluminum is not love your skin. You're at a house party. They've only got one bathroom and you need to go number two yikes. But with poo pourri, you just spray before you go and you're good. Changing the world isn't easy. It takes vision, courage, perseverance and support join us at UNICEF dot org and help change the world today. Maybe it's the morning rush. Maybe it's the night out with friends. Whatever gives you energy. Get ready for it with Starbucks. Triple shot for those moments when good clean fun gets a little messy. There's ziploc Cleanup, save it, Love it. Ziploc. The new Samsung galaxy is not like other phones and that's totally a good thing. Just like an A. K. Camera is a good thing and all day, all night battery to made for the epic in every day. Samsung