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In this demo you can hear my narration examples from upbeat to calm and always informative and easy to listen understand.

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Tokyo is the one city that's even better than its postcards because when you see a picture of say 1000 year old temple with an enchanted green garden, what you don't realize is that a five star restaurant and a jaw dropping skyscraper are right next door because that's Tokyo for you, diverse, dazzling and endlessly interesting. Is there a nicer guy in Hollywood? The keanu Reeves maybe, but they're probably like a nurse or a kindergarten teacher or something. Is there a nicer celebrity than keanu? Absolutely not. Whether he's giving sports cars, two crew members hugs to strangers or rides to stranded travelers, keanu Reeves is the king of the night skies. When George Lucas first pitched Star Wars, it sounded a bit out there, A space opera modeled on the adventures of buck Rogers and flash Gordon? What? But after achieving success with american graffiti, Lucas had the freedom to tackle his passion project. Star Wars came to life with their tuxedo colored coats, Penguins might be the most dapper creatures in the animal kingdom, but that sharp coloration does more than just make them look good. It's actually a key element of their survival. Penguins are nearly invisible in the ocean as their blacktops blend into the ocean depths and their white bottoms blend with the sun