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Recorded and edited American Romance Novel.

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chapter 29 camilla. as i walk around the room, i think about all the things or choices that have gotten me here. there were a lot of amazing things that have happened. i met the man of my dreams. he became the father, my daughter never had. we are having a son together. we got through some of the worst days of our lives together and we have stuck together through the unthinkable. there were also a lot of ****** parts. my mom tried to sell me to sex trafficking. we hit our relationship for years. i was kidnapped. there was a second attempt at kidnapping me. we lost friends along the way and worst of all we were getting married just weeks after one of our dearest friends was buried. today is going to be a great day cal and i discussed it at length. we want to take time to ourselves to mourn victor after the ceremony. but after that, we are going to celebrate just like he would have wanted us to. i asked blakely the moms and lucas to take riley out to potty before we start walking down the aisle. they are going to wait outside the doors for me to open them, going to the full length mirror. i admire the dress we found at the bridal shop last week its mermaid style shows off my baby belly perfectly. my hair is done up in curls and diamond pins out of everything though. my makeup is my favorite part done so lightly. it looks like i have none on but also not a single blemish, its flawless. i hear the music start to play that signals cal to walk down to the altar. i look out the window watching his cries. one of the wedding gifts i got him down the aisle. its a bonnier that matches the ones he danny nathan lucas and john are all wearing. when he reaches the end, he goes over to the wreath that is on a stand in victor's place on it in pretty script reads though you are not here in person. you are in our heart, live your life. bub victor maxwell cal takes the bane and puts it on the side of the wreath. that is the one we ordered for him and today it will go in his place of honor. some people may not like that. we have a wreath in memory of someone who has passed up front at our wedding. but i don't give a **** what those people think i have earned the wedding. i want not one everyone approves of. there is a knock on the door that pulls me away from the window when it opens, erica and johanna are standing there waiting with their eyes watery and their mouths open. you look incredible. no wonder cal didnt want to do a first look before the wedding. no way he would have made it down the aisle before he ruined that hair. erica laughs knowing her. she is right mom. it's true but gross to think about cam. are you ready to marry my brother and become my official sister blakely scolds her mother while smiling at me. we walk out to the main lobby area where we will be walking out at and stand. the photographers get ready as john and lucas come in from a little room off to the side. i swear they both tear up and i secretly hope the photographers got every tear. camilla sweetheart. you look like a princess. lucas gives me a hug before stepping aside so john can do the same when we first started planning the wedding. i couldn't decide who i wanted to walk me down the aisle and in what way? at first i wanted to do it alone. then i thought about making it me and riley. but in the end, it only seemed right to have the two men i claim as my dad's walk me down to my future husband. mommy. beautiful, be so happy riley hugs my leg as tight as she can you look like a real princess lovey mommy. is so happy too. do you think we should marry daddy now? yes, erica has to stop her before she runs out the slowly opening double doors, the music starts to play. so with one last hug, erica and johanna start walking riley down the aisle, blakely follows them, smiling at nathan who is standing by cal. that was the other hard decision. who was going to be the best man in the end. cal asked danny to be the efficient and nathan to be his best man. danny will still be in our wedding party pictures and he has the honor of reading us our vows. the rest of the ceremony goes off without a single problem. the weather for november is perfect. riley is so well behaved. i am not tired or nauseous during the ceremony and i don't fall in my dress. this gives me high anxiety because nothing for us ever goes according to plan. i try not to think about it as we make our way to the bridal suite where i got ready this morning doing all this makes me so glad that my moms talked me out of having the wedding at home. i love the idea, but it would have been so much more work. instead, we found a little winery just outside the city that had our wedding date available. cal pulls me into the room and closes the door. i know we set this time to be sad that victor isn't here. but i think if i wasted this time crying over him, he would kick my ass. do you want the gentlemanly compliment or the horny husband compliment? both, please. i wrapped my arms around his neck. you look absolutely stunning in your dress so stunning. in fact that i got a raging heart on watching you walk down the aisle. i have imagined every fun position i could put you in that won't ruin your hair. your makeup on the other hand will need touched up. cal starts loosening his tie, making heat spread through my panties. so you don't think i look like a beached whale wrapped in a white tablecloth. cals laughing so hard. he has to bend over to catch his breath before answering baby. i don't know where you got that idea, but you are looking in a broken mirror. the sight of your rounded belly and knowing that's our baby in there makes me want to keep you pregnant for many years to come. you know if that's what you want. i never said thats what i thought. i look like. i think i look like a ****ing goddess. i just wanted to see your reaction to my question and you did not disappoint. i don't know about staying pregnant for years to come. i'm open to having lots of babies but spread out would be nice. oh and the rest have to be summer babies. so i don't miss teaching my students as i am talking, callahan is kissing down my neck while running his fingers over the fabric covering my nipples. i lay my head back and helping him torture me through my dress. i have a second dress to change into thats more of a sexy sundress, but i want to make him suffer like he is trying to do to me reaching down, i run my hand over the front of his pants, feeling his rock hard shaft that cannot be comfortable. i want you so bad right now. the thought of burying my **** inside your wet folds knowing you're my wife, it makes my **** so hard is now a good time to tell you while imm in here, i am supposed to change into a different and smaller dress. we have to be quick, but i think we can squeeze in a little marriage consummate. have i told you? i love you mrs reagan. i don't get a chance to answer before cal is spinning me around to undo my dress. it takes him three minutes. but i'm finally able to step out of my dress when i turn around and see cal staring at me. i understand why blakely told me to wear the see through white bra with matching panties and garter under my dress. cal's lips are on mine before i can ask what he thinks. he kisses me fast and hard with such need. i understand because if he is not inside me soon. i may scream slowly. i start backing up to the couch that is in the room before i sit down, cal takes my panties off and puts them in his pocket as i settle into the couch finding a good position to lay in. i watch cal he takes off his suit jacket, then unbuttons his shirt, leaving it on the whole time in a few quick motions. he has pants and boxer less standing over me, spread your legs for me. baby k starts making slow circles over my clip with one finger. well, using the other hand to line his **** up with my opening with a single thrust. k is inside of me. i moan loud as thrust after thrust. i come closer to my edge. k continues rubbing my **** as he pounds into me. i grab his arms, holding myself steady as i beg for more. cal i'm getting close harder. i lay my head back. come for me. baby. i want to watch my wife get off on my ****. k goes a little faster as he increases the pressure to the circles he is doing. i move my hips making khi the perfect spot. i feel my eyes start to roll back as an intense ****** takes hold of me. we lay in a heap of naked, wetted bliss for a few minutes before deciding its time to get back to our guests. k zips the back of the dress pulling its snug around my body like my others. this dress shoves off every curve. the lacy like material comes around my neck clinging to my body stopping mid thigh. it has a sheer overlay that comes out by my hips and flares to the floor. leaving me the train i really wanted. this dress gives me everything. i need to have a great night. i can dance comfortably. look amazing in pictures, show off a bump and still look like a bride. i look at my husband and smile. everyone is going to start wondering where we are. cal texted nathan the 10 minute warning 20 minutes ago, the dj is probably about to have a nervous breakdown at how off our schedule we are. oh, well, i know he will receive a big tip at the end of the night. cal grow my hand kissing it before we open the doors to the room. we make our way to the reception area where the doors are closed waiting for our grand entrance. the wedding planner we ended up hiring says something into the little microphone on her collar as we reach the doors, our song starts to play. i look at cal as we silently agree to make this a great night. little did we know our wedding wouldn't be the only great thing to come today.