The Club (Poképasta - Feelspasta)

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A young boy who forms a bond with a young girl - Jane, through Pokémon battles at a youth club is whisked away to America following his parents divorce. Years later, he returns to Australia, hoping to rekindle the lost connection they shared in their childhood.

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Teen (13-17)


British (England - Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire) British (General)


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A few years ago, I was really into Pokemon games. I, I still am and um I had raised a decent enough time on my Pokemon Diamond game. But oh, was this? I'm quickly becoming bored of it. I was so happy to hear about a local club of E fans such as myself to pile it out and see who was the best. And naturally I persist that I'm asking my mum and dad if I could go and they said yes, the place itself was just a small primary school and one of the classrooms I looked around and there was only about three other people there including myself, one of the people, a girl stood out from the rest and um me being me, I approached her and said, hello, the girl for identity purposes, we'll call her Jane. She had a Black Ns and Ds clutched in her hands, same color as mine bottle. She asked, I accepted an, she beat me 5 to 1. We continued to sit in the corner and battle and her older brother came to pick her up. Will I see you next week? I ask. And she nodded with a small smile. The next week came when I saw Jane. However, right, a short brown hair was now shaved off and she was completely bald. She looked rarely sick. Trying not to be rude. I approached her and do face turned into a smile when she saw mine and we battled. Her older brother came to pick her up again and I said my goodbyes that evening, I had my mom and dad yelling and my dad came into my room in a fit of rage, slamming the door and taking a deep breath in your mum. And I don't love each other anymore. Your mother is moving back home and I want you to go with her. So at least she can have some company. You understand? Right. Yes. And I nodded and we left the following Saturday morning. I, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Jane. We started our new life there and I completely forgot about Jane. A few years later, I moved back to Australia with my fiance. We moved into a nice house near my old one and even started our own family. It wasn't until I went into the attic to grab a box and found like all the Pokemon Diamond game safely tucked into the blue pouch. I always kept it in memories of the previous year suddenly came rushing back and I remembered everything. I remember the classroom, Jane, our bottles, her address, everything I rushed out of the house game clutched in my hand and found her house knocked on the door and to my relief, Jane's older brother answered, Ian, is that you? He asked? Yeah, it's me. I said Jane is, um, is Jane? Ok. He swallowed inside Jane. Um Jane passed away several months after he stopped going to the club again. I felt tears in my eyes as I looked down, I'm sorry. He said she left something for you though and was really persistent that you and only you received it. Um Just just give me a minute. He said he entered the house, came back out and handed me a small package here, take it, I took it and opened it. Um inside was a black Nintendo Ds with the game Pokemon pile inside. It was James and there was a note attached day in. I know this will never get to you. So I just wanted to say that whenever you came to the club, my world felt like maybe just, just maybe I had something to live for. I love you. Ian always well love Jane. I clench the packet tight tears rolling down my face. I thanked him and returned home. But when I did my fiance asked what was up and I told her I told her everything I remembered and she sighed, hugged me, wiped the tears from my eyes, cuddled with me on the couch. I now know why Jane was bald that day. She was diagnosed with cancer. I lay my head on my fiance's chest when I fell asleep with one tier trickling out of my eye.