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Is Sarah’s former co-worker “The Snowman Killer?”

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sitting far away in his stuffy office in Los Angeles with a cigar in his mouth, Peter tossed down a brown folder and put his cell phone on speaker. Phone to what do I owe the honor? Hey, hey, peed, Sarah said in a relieve voice. I'm glad you took my call, and I know I haven't called and I should hang up and mail my boot to backside. Peter griped. He puffed on his cigar at the age of 62. The man wasn't in any mood to show manners toward a friend who had essentially tossed cold water in his face. I know how I know, Sarah admitted in a guilty voice. What can I say, Pete? The divorce took the wind out of my sails. You can hate me and hang up now. Peter looked down at his cell phone. Compassion broke his heart. He took the cigar out of his mouth and set it down in the middle, ashtray, rubbed his thick grey beard and then shook his head. You know I can't turn my back on you, cat, Sarah chuckled. No one is called me by that name in a long time. Listen, Pete, she said, fighting back her tears. I need a favor. Can you see if Sergeant Ori Lucas is still on the force? Peter picked up his cell phone, swiveled around in his black office chair and looked out of the dusty window at a view of the mysterious city people in Southern California called home. Sergeant Lucas is still playing errand girl, for the guys in suits around here saw her fetching coffee this morning. Sarah didn't know whether to be relieved or upset. Are you sure? What am I asking? Of course you're sure what's going on? Kat? Peter asked, Alarmed. Why the sudden interest in that nosy goat? And nothing I can't handle Pete? Sarah promised. It's your great hearing your voice. How's Beth? Fussy, Peter replied, and rolled his eyes. That woman finds more to fuss about in one minute than I can in an entire lifetime. Thank goodness for overtime. Sara smiled, Hearing Peter's voice was great. You sure taught me a lot. The old grouch, and you sure were green behind the ears, Peter retorted, Now caught in the act and tell me what's going on up there with e polar bears. I heard some hotshot from New York, moved into your neck of the woods. And now you're talking about Lucas. Spill the beans, cat. I wish I could, Pete. I really do. But the truth is, I don't know what's going on. I thought maybe Lucas might have Ah, vendetta against me because you chewed her down to size. Peter asked. I was in a very bad mood that day. Pete. I shouldn't have been so hard. And the woman? Yeah, you should have. Everyone in this department is sick and tired of Lucas sneaking around with her hungry eyes. The important thing is that I was wrong. Sara said wrong about what Peter demanded. I'm not sure yet. Sarah confessed she wanted to tell Peter about being Millie Stevens about the snowman killer from Frost Worth. Siri. She was writing about the hideous snowman. The rocks, snowballs, everything. But she couldn't do me a favor, will you? If I can Cat in the middle of the case right now, the John Doe was found washed up on the beach yesterday. See if anyone I sent off to prison has been paroled recently. Will you? If anyone we know has been set free, give me a call, Okay? Sarah tried to control her voice, but it wavered with fear. Sure, sure, Peter said, hearing the desperation in his old partners voice. I'll give you call back in a few hours. Call my cell phone. Sarah gave him her cell phone number. If you can't get through, try the number. I'm calling you one now, cat, Peter said in a stern voice. If you're in trouble and you're not telling me, so help me, I'll drive up to that frozen tundra you're calling home and put my foot up your backside. Thanks, Pete, Sarah said in a grateful voice. Call me. Okay, Sure, sure, Peter side, Give me a few hours. You're the best. Pete, by Sarah hung up the phone and wiped tears away from her eyes. I miss you, Pete, she whispered.