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The concept of romance has evolved over time and has been shaped by various cultural, social and historical factors. The term romance has its roots in the Latin word Romanos, which referred to things that were written in the Roman language as opposed to the barbarian languages. In medieval Europe romance referred to a type of literature that depicted chivalry, love and adventure. These stories were often fictionalized, accounts of knights and their historic deeds and often included themes of courtly love. During the renaissance, the concept of romance expanded to include a wider range of literary works including plays and poems that explored themes of love, desire, and passion. These works often featured complex characters with conflicting emotions and desires and explored the dynamics of romantic relationships in greater depth. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the concept of romance became more closely associated with personal relationships and emotional intimacy. The romantic movement in literature and the arts emphasized individualism, emotion, and imagination and focused on the power of the individual to experience intense and transformative emotions. Today, the concept of romance continues to evolve and is often associated with the idea of love and passion in personal relationships. Romance is a complex and multifaceted concept that has been shaped by our variety of cultural, social and historical factors and continues to play a significant role in our understanding of love and relationships.