Commercial Character Reel Updated

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This home recording studio edited sample give a few characters in my wheelhouse. From Mom to Millenial, with sass and spice.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Honey, look at this. The newspaper misspelled the date they spelled tuna day F R I d a y Friday. That's not even a word. Okay, So, like, it's the first day of class and I'm, like, really nervous. So I'm like, you know, buying these new hair products because I'm, like, nervous. And then I'm walking a class, and all of a sudden, this weird thing starts to happen. It starts to dry, but it starts to dry. Weird, and it starts to dry hard. Dear Food Network. I used to tune into your network toe watch the wholesome cooking shows, but now I find they are competitive and mean spirited. I love that.