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the's UPS label two men and a baby. Many years ago, two men were traveling through the force on a camping trip. Both men love the great outdoors and would usually camp near a beautiful wide river for the fishing was perfect. The two men had been friends for many years and had great trust for each other. One of the men was a veteran who had been injured during the war. He walked slowly and with some difficulty as the two were traveling together through the woods. One day they stopped to rest in a clearing of the trees. The vet was sitting on the ground while his friend leaned on a tree. Suddenly, out of the woods, a huge and hungry black bear appeared. A man who was leaning against the tree quickly ran and hid behind some branches covered with big green leaves. The other fellow, who knew he wouldn't be able to get up and run away, threw himself flat on the ground on his stomach and buried his face in the dirt and pretended to be dead. The bear approach slowly, looking over the man on the ground. Then, after spending some time smelling and examining the man's legs and arms, put his mouth close to the man's neck and ear and sniff for it, least a couple of minutes. Bear apparently believed the man was dead and decided to leave him and catch some fresh meat with a bellow. When a growl, the bear shook his head and left without eating or even harming the vet. The friend of the bed, who had been hiding in the tree leads at silently, watched the whole ordeal and complete amazement. I've never seen anything like that, he said. You were so lucky. But it really looked as though that bear was whispering something in your ear. Clearly doubting the words that had just left his lips. As the veteran got up from the ground, he responded. That's exactly what the bear was doing. He was telling me something. In a state of disbelief, the first man asked. What did he say as the vet brushed the dirt from his clothes, he told his friend, the bear was pretty smart. He might even have been the smartest bear I have ever heard of. All he told me was this. Never trust a friend who forsakes you in your time of need. Ease up, stable two men and a bear home