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The Old Chicago Lantern, Ghost-B-Gone and Demon Whacker! This may be your final and only chance to get these fine products (LOL)!

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Oh, no, not again. Power's gone out. It's hard to see with that battery powered lanterns, and if you don't find fresh batteries soon, you're stuck in the dark all night. You need the old Chicago lender vintage style. Lettered with reliable kerosene technology, the old Chicago Leonard provides a bright and warming light that will fill your entire room. So don't keep a bunch of battery powered flashlights and lanterns around. That never works when you need them. The old Chicago Leonard has to bright elements that light up the entire room, even when all the battery powered lights have gone dead. The old Chicago lantern has the magic delight up any night made of riel metal with a beautiful glass blow. Your old Chicago lantern will last n word for years and years. Call and order yours. Today the old Chicago landed the letter news by the Untouchables not recommended for cow bards. It's two o'clock in the morning and your fastest leak man. There it goes wrapped tap tap on your door, wall or appliance. Oh, you've got ghosts, demons or evil spirits. Not to worry. Introducing the 21st century's most valuable new resource, ghost *** And if you acted the next five minutes, we'll throw in our Miracle demon workers through the superpower of Demon Wacker. You'll never have to bother with lengthy exorcisms. Again. Get coast Begone! And are complementary Demon Wacker. Now for just three easy payments of 1995 plus shipping and handling. Call no got an old carpet in your home or place of business that looks of it faded with time. Have you considered replacing the carpet with new quality carpeting? But the price is just too prohibitive. Have you considered dying as an alternative to carpet replacement?