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I have more than ten years experience presenting on several BBC Radio stations including Radio 1/6Music/5Live and the World Service

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End)


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it is creamy with you on radio One show Canadians here. I'm really into this story because you mentioned this before, but I've not heard any of this, so I really want to hear this. Okay, so the top line on this one is that Madonna Madonna is moonlighting as a letting agent. Love this. Yeah, I've been working as an estate agent. So this afternoon she posted this on her instagram, and it's from the dressing room of the London Palladium, where she's performing at the moment. So she sat a dressing table, and there's some light jazz music on in the background, which is interesting information to know what she likes to get ready to. I think she'd like Like she likes, Like jazz. Yeah, while she offers out her New York apartment to Prince Harry and Meghan. Okay, Clara. And now, finally, Connie West. I don't if you've heard about this, he's set up home at the stadium in Atlanta. This incredible stadium, by the way, where he had his listening party last week, right for the new album. So he's completing work there on Donda, which is supposed to be out August six, which isn't that long. So he's not actually gonna be staying there for that long next week. Yeah, but so why is why? And I don't think anyone knows the answer. But I just went on their website and I've looked at all these videos of, like, you know, tours around the stadium. And now I think I do know the answer. It's really nice in there. So actually the questions, Why not? So they have, like, 24 bars and restaurants so that you could do like to a day, right? Sounds like it sounds amazing. Honestly, it looks amazing. And then 100 yard bar you could literally just, like, move up like a metre like every day. That is the Kardashian effect right now. 12 45. It's time for you to be with the governor. One month before the US elections, President Trump's tested positive for coronavirus news. So we've got some help presenting news. Beat this lunchtime from the States. Hello, Julia. Hi news or back in the UK a quarter of us are in lockdown mats in Middlesbrough. I personally think it's a little bit unnecessary, really. We'll hear more from that in a bit, but first Let's head to America. BBC News beat So President Trump and his wife, Melania, have tested positive for Covid 19, their self isolating for two weeks. And with the election in America coming up next month, it's not ideal for him or his supporters. Garvin has been speaking to Michael Jackson's nephew. You knew that young boys slept in his bed in terms of fell asleep? Yes, 100%. But also girls did, too. I was one of them. That did. Did no one think that was strange, though, for him? No, it's not weird. But, you know, if I was thinking about someone else like when someone says, Oh, you know, would you allow? It's like then it's different. But no one was like Michael Jackson, but he was so famous. So you're saying he was very innocent, but you're all allowing him to put himself in this position that look very strange to the outside world it is, but at the same time you're in the bubble at that point is BBC five live. It's one o'clock on five live. I'm Namir Iqbal, and I'm sure governors we welcome local radio stations from across the BBC. This is up all night Lots coming up on the show this hour. Are you guilty of coasting at work? We can't know. Not like one in three of us are, according to a survey. But is it necessarily a bad thing really interesting opinions on this one? Let's talk about movies, specifically ones that will do welcome awards season, which is fast approaching. So in the new year we have the Golden Globes first, and you've got the BAFTAs. And, of course, the big one at the Oscars and smaller ones in between. And campaigning is well underway from all the big film companies. Of course, we've had the Venice Film Festival, Toronto there the two kind of like big ones and then London Film Festival, which is as big. But a lot of these films are showing there, and a lot of stars turn up. That's all part of like the campaign. Yeah, if you like. It's like a presidential campaign. Yeah, yeah, live afternoon addition with Sarah and the T V Club Garden, as well as alongside point. I think in another week it probably would have stood out a bit more, but there is there is that narrative of like retired cop can't give up old case type thing, which we've seen time and time again. Um, but I mean, I did enjoy it. It's definitely but you don't have to have seen the first series, which I think is really good, because it means an audience can be drawn in straightaway. Stephen Moyer with a strong Brentwood accent That's where I'm from. So thumbs up for me also. I love a good coastal setting because it always makes you reevaluate your life and where you live. And you kind of think, Oh gosh. But then also adds to like the darkness and eeriness of Scandia new our quality, too. I feel sorry for her because she was really waiting to unleash on you when you were really positive about cheaper. You actually are. The biggest shocker of all time is that it has been cancelled. Well, this is This has not been confirmed by Channel four because they're saying at the moment it's too early to say. But according to the tabloids, they say recently just got 80,000 people watching, uh, so that yeah, the sun is saying that Channel four took a chance with the show but hasn't gone well is expected. It was a strange concept, and it seems viewers struggled to get on board. So it launched with 270,000 viewers down to 80. Um, so I guess, like they obviously thought Noel Edmonds daytime TV like this is just a surefire winner trying to do something different. And you know, the idea of a sitcom mixed with the quiz show. Maybe it could have worked, I don't know.