Crowned by Love by Diana Rubino



This is book one of the Yorkist Saga.
I narrated this book for ACX Audible

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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Westminster Palace, London, April 14 71 Dinis Woodville hiked up her skirts and hopped onto the palace gate. The crowd cheered as King Edward led his York ist army into the outer court. Fresh from another defeat of the Lancastrian Sze, the scene evoked mixed feelings as despair overtook her joy how she longed for a soldier off her own toe welcome home. Mounted on his white stallion, the king waved to adoring subjects as if today were any other trumpets and Clary Ins blasted a sprightly tune nights on Horst and removed their helmets as families and Lady Loves flocked to them. Richard, the king's brother, leapt off his mount into his sweet heart and open arms. The king led the stream of Squires and grooms into the palace to greet his pregnant Queen Elizabeth. Amidst all this embracing and kissing, Denise stepped down from her perch and stood alone. Only one night remained mounted. He didn't rush into the arms of an ardent maidan. Instead, he halted his grey stallion directly in front of Denny's. Good morrow, My lady, his tone clear and confident, boomed from his slot advisor, her eyes locked on the proud figure. It's regal bearing a portrait of chivalry. The sun's rays blocked all but the outline of his pointed helmet. With one graceful move, he threw back his visor. Her gaze lingered on his face, shadowed with stubble, a cut on his chin, his only physical mar. The sun's rays glinted in his sky blue eyes. Welcome home, my Lord, she greeted him. We are all very proud of you. He plucked a white rose from the vine behind him. I leaned over and handed it to her. The striking contrast twixt delicate rose and hard plate armour sent a thrill through her. She longs to clasp his fingers under those gauntlets. Why, thank you, my lord. He gazed at her with such longing. She knew he shared her loneliness, her displacement. He also needed a special someone to come home to. She knew it in her heart. The revellers converged, pushing them apart. Yet their eyes still locked. The press of people and horses drove him away. Only helmet and gauntlet visible. As he waved, she waved back. But for thirties he could no longer see her farewell, sir. So who has he vanished? She caressed those rose petals and her imagination soared. She never had a sweetheart or a romantic liaison. She cherished her childhood friend Richard. But that was childhood. This soldier made her feel like a woman. For the first time in her life, she nudged her way through the crowded palace grounds. No sight of him. I shall find him, she vowed out loud.