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the absentee ballot. In American tradition, the Gino absentee voting has been around since the Civil War. Both the union and Confederacy implemented absentee voting for their soldiers as a trusted way to allow them to participate in democracy. Absentee ballots are one of the most 64 forms of voting, and in 2020 they will save lives. Our planet has been through a lot since it came to existence. Constant media, environment, shifting magnetic poles, ice ages, Mamet's dinosaurs and more. But you know what? No matter how bad it gets, the earth will be fine. It will just shake it off and go about its business, whereas US humans way will be wiped out forever, some say it's a mental defect, I would tell them or advise them to seek psychiatric counseling or demonic possession. But to others, it's the ultimate form of expression, and it's very personal. I think people get into body modification because they're searching for something thes air, real stories about real people and the struggles of a fascinating subculture, unlike any explored in a Siri's before way, do everything from home nowadays way order food from home, way shot from home. Why shouldn't we be able to vote from home? The president claims that wind turbines cause cancer. That's ridiculous. But do you know what wind turbines actually create? Besides clean, affordable energy jobs? Lots of jobs in 2019, the wind sector employed over 100,000 people across all 50 states convinced joined the clean energy wave. Now politics is tearing us apart, and it's because elections aren't working for most of us. Here's why in the US each of us can vote for the candidate we like the most. But whenever more than two candidates are running to win one seat, it's possible for most voters to hate whoever wins. Because of the split vote, politicians can ignore the will of most voters and still win ranked choice. Voting gives you the freedom to select a backup choice. To prevent that from happening. You get more voice and more choice, and that makes elections better for all of us. The Russian investigation is a hoax. He cried whenever he heard anything he didn't like. Hoax climate change is a hoax. Until one day a deadly virus attacked the land hoax. This is their new hoax. His lies left the nation UN prepared, hundreds of thousands fell ill and too many died. Thes aren't hoaxes. We need the truth. What To America's dirtiest factories, toxic waste facilities, oil wells, highways and flood zones have in common. Most of them are located in black and brown communities. Black and brown families shouldn't have to pay the price with their health. Environmental justice is racial justice. Now is the time to act.