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Equity and Inclusion Video for Employees - training video

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recognition is a powerful force. It's positive energy in motion that creates a huge impact. It energizes people, motivates teams and enlivens culture. Oh yeah, recognition isn't hard to notice and everyone deserves to be noticed included and supported. That's why we're launching the Equity and Inclusion Advisor, a new recognition feature for managers. It's your personal assistant that makes sure nobody gets left out. When you include people of unique identities, backgrounds, perspectives and styles. Good things happen like more innovation and more engagement. Your equity and inclusion advisor provides helpful nudges and simple steps to make sure you're not missing anyone who deserves some recognition. Here's how from the recognition homepage, click the manager tab the recognition advisor tile appears at the top of the page and just below that is the Equity and inclusion advisor tile. You'll see your E and I score which ranges from beginning to leading and sums up your overall efforts compared to other managers in three areas. Select view. Report to see more snack size insights showing what you're doing right and where you can improve. You can see employees who've received recognition from you and employees who really could use a boost of your positive energy. Your equity and inclusion advisor lets you know when to seize opportunities so you can seize the day. It also shows peer to peer recognition who's giving kudos and who's flying under the radar when recognition incorporates equity and inclusion principles, it becomes a force of spreading good exponentially lean on your equity and inclusion advisor to empower yourself and everyone on your team