Female Latinx 30's - Warm - Empathetic - Knowledgeable - Trustworthy

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Latinx Woman - Warm - Empathetic - Knowledgeable - Trustworthy

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Spanish (Central American) Spanish (Latin American - General) Spanish (Latino)


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Being a teenager with asthma is tough. And when you add to that racism, discrimination, socioeconomic challenges, it gets hard to take a breath at Zovi and Regeneron. We're committed to helping them one teen at a time. This year, we're joining together with Dr Jamie Retlin, an expert on pulmonary care and teens from marginalized communities across America define common ground. Identify gaps in education and create opportunities that get the resources that are needed. So teens like these will be even more empowered to take control of their asthma. They are strong, their voices matter because their ideas can help each other empowering themselves and their communities so they can take on life and their asthma. One bread at a time, one teen at a time.