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Gen-Z FEMALE - Gen Z Latina American Narration

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Young Adult (18-35)


Spanish (Latino)


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OK, we gotta talk about it. How is your attention span? Really? I personally have an attention span of a mosquito for real. But, you know, staying focused, especially on a task either or whether you're in college or in the middle of a course at home, you build momentum. When you stay focused on one assignment, you're more apt to complete it with greater efficiency and increasing productivity is so good for you. The more you're able to stay on task, the more tasks you'll be able to complete overall, here's a couple of tips on ways to improve your concentration. Definitely, number one, eliminate distractions. Uh-huh, turn off that TV, prioritize what you need to do as well. Definitely work in a quiet space, take breaks, don't forget that. And whether you're doing a task or not, everyone needs to get a good night's sleep.