Mid-30s Latina Woman speaking English - Articulate - easy-going

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Mid-30s Latina Woman speaking English - Articulate - easy-going

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Young Adult (18-35)


Spanish (Latin American - General) Spanish (Latino)


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We inspire people to go places. That's what we do. But it's not why we do it. We do it because hospitality is what makes us all human. The welcome we receive in turn becomes the reception we give that it's our responsibility to do small things every day, to make a big impact, to serve others, to build bridges that reach across more than water bridges that connect us with the best part of ourselves, bridges that erase our differences and reveal how we're the same bridges that span our entire life and have the power to make memories. We do it because travel is a force for good and good. Always wins by sharing new ideas and old customs, by pushing beyond borders and comfort zones, by seeing a different point of view from a different point of view. We do it because the more people who see the world become capable of changing it.