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this schoolhouse is in Devoto, a little village high in the mountains of Papua Indonesia. De Voto is like any other town. Children go to school. Parents goto work. They gather together for meals. When they are sick they go to the clinic. They laugh, they sing, they dance. All in all, life is much the same here as it is everywhere. Granted, there are a few differences from where you live and die. Boto your view probably doesn't look quite like this. The garden this woman is tending grows the food that feeds this village. Listen closely and you might hear men cutting a tree in the distance to make a little more room for crops. But the biggest difference between Devoto and where the rest of us live is what it takes to get there. De voto is cut off from the outside world by miles and miles of high mountains and dense jungle. And being in such a remote corner of Indonesia means that there are no roads or infrastructure other than by foot. There is only one way in or out of devoto an M A f airplane, this airplane a quest. Kodiak is more than just a mode of transportation. It is hope for a better future. The supplies for the school medicines and vaccines for the clinic help in an emergency. Teachers, medical workers, doctors and missionaries. All of these and more can only reach Devoto because people like you support NF isolated communities around the world depend on MF through MF you can share the love of Jesus with people living in places like Devoto. Thanks for flying with us. Hope to see you again soon.