Griffins - Book excerpt from Crytids, Strange Creatures, and Other Mysterious Things

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Chapter eight. Griffin's Griffin's, according to legend, are creatures which have the body of a lion and the head of a Neagle Thes. Mythical animals also have large ears and wings and their front paws have bird like talons, as seen in the 15th century. Illustration by Martin Showing our on the front cover the burning question is, Did thes things ever exist? Delving into the literature, one finds that Griffin's air mentioned as far back as 3000 BC Even the ancient Egyptians recognized this bizarre creature. It's thought that Westerners first encountered such creatures as they journey to Africa and Asia via the Silk Road, Travelers and traders came across the fossilized remains of what they took to be griffin bones found in the Gobi Desert. However, what is more likely is that the articulated skeletons were in fact the fossilized remains of a beaked dinosaur named Protoceratops, which is thought to have walked the Earth during the quotations era. Greek mythology tells us that it was thought that Griffin's tended to lay their eggs below ground, and these nests contained nuggets of gold. Thus a link was tenuously established between griffin bones and deposits of this precious metal as the Griffin was regarded as a symbol of wisdom, power and strength. It's no surprise to learn that images of this creature became an essential coup treatment in heraldry as toe modern day sightings of Griffin's well, These are rare, however. There are a couple of stories pertaining. The Griffins. It said that King Charles the second gave a griffin to his girlfriend, Nell Gwynn, when she lived in a house in the Butts at Brentford in London. The story goes that this exotic creature escaped and flew into the river Brent. From there, it drifted down towards the Fames River, were washed up at Brent Fort Yacht. The bird lions survived. Then, many years later, a guy named Joseph Banks, a scientist who accompanied Captain Cook on his many voyages. Broader Griffin back to England. Allegedly banks had captured this Griffin specimen, waltzed on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean. This Griffin also escaped and found its way to Brentford were made it with the other escaped Griffin. If we can believe this tall story, thes creatures bred and established a colony of Griffin's and Brentford, west London to back up this tale. We have just a couple of eyewitness accounts of Griffin's in that area. The first sighting occurred in the mid eighties, when a guy named Kevin Chippendale spotted what he described as quote a dog with wings end quote flying over the Brian Maher Road and Brent Ford London. The second sighting happened in February 1985 when a man saw a large flying dog perched upon a gas a meter next to the Waterman's Arts Center in Brentford. Unfortunately, nobody managed to get photographs. Were these sightings of the Brentford Griffin made by folks who maybe had had too much to drink or were high on drugs? Even though legend has it that a griffin can live for centuries, I find it difficult to believe that these bizarre creatures still exist in the 21st century.