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Eric Chaney Commercial Demo with Characters

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Voice Over • Animation

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Come on, guys. The fortresses all the way. The other side of the island, that place could have all kinds of treasures and remnants only first in line for the pickings. Now, don't get your tunic in a twist. I'm just a humble goblin that only wants to aid you in your endeavours by safeguarding your gold way. Must join together in a group and count ation to counteract the idea he's obsessed with. If he drinks the potion now, it only revert him temporarily. If you don't purge the poisonous idea first, he'll be doomed. Get ready, Melvin. I'm going toe Blust Those intruders, my soda pop. Canon Reynolds take running. Goodness. Never suspect no one said selling the Galaxies was gonna be easy. Clean out that anti meta tribe or I'm goingto based. Say your prayers while you can because you tell me how beautiful she is. But you need to tell her that son on Lee a fool is fearless but the courageous no fear and answered the call. I know I'm grossly obeisance. Stairs aren't my thing, but there's no way I'm going to hurt myself tomorrow. Break dance competition. I've been practicing for hours terribly. Saif if lasting you, Mr Mayor. But look Loop Radar detected an enormous crept catastrophe The ridge inning at the podium We're standing.