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I recorded and performed these demo samples in my professional, home studio.

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Most people know that there are 70 million baby boomers in America today. But what is less known is there are about 100 million people in America. I feel safe here. That's really what it comes down to. Oh, there's the sea as well. I like the ocean in all its moods. From storming to still. I was under the stairs when I decided to walk In that moment. I hadn't carefully considered walking 630 miles with a rucksack on my back. I hadn't thought about how I could afford to do it. I first laid eyes on lake superior and the big country around it. More than a decade ago, I drowned myself in its pleasures fishing for trout hunting for mushrooms. Horizons began to widen in early february. They always do. It is something about the lifting light and sky gays no longer seems so abbreviated in such a mad rush to reach their conclusion. You might think loving yourself sounds a bit self indulgent, but when you practice it fully, it puts more responsibility for your life on you and so relieves the pressure on the people you love. Ain't it great when the unexpected pleasure slaps you upside the head and reminds you of the little things that really matter in business. Well, I had one, it wasn't a mere raised the bar experience. It launched the bar when you get discouraged. Consider this fellow who dropped out of grade school, ran a country store went broke, took 15 years to pay off his bills, ran for house, lost twice, then ran for Senate and lost twice. Raul thrust out his hand to stop me in the doorway. He was carrying burgers in the pet crate, and the dog had started to snarl a steady, menacing rumble. This book has grown out of the ideas, descriptions and examples which the author has developed and refined over 15 years of delivering courses about business.